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Are Your Sources of Strategic Advantage Eroding? - HBR

I guess this link on sources of strategic advantages has to be viewed in the context of Supply Chain. Read the article here

Connectors and Salesman in Supply Chain

While Mavens ( ) represent a much needed community in the supply chain universe, the need for making a change be acceptable to the supply chain organization needs a different category of individuals. A supply chain is one of the organizational entities which undergoes a change more than any other organizational function. The tighter the competition in the market the more agile a supply chain needs to become. The higher the pricing pressure the leaner supply chain has to be. The more regulated the market becomes the more transparent the supply chain needs to be. The continuous changes in the internal as well as external business environment imply that the supply chain is under continuous change. Most of the “transformational” initiatives in the organization are taken to improve it’s supply chain. The large scale projects in Business Process re-engineering or Theory of constraints driven Viable Vision Projects or