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Technology integration for Supply Chain Asset Utilization

The advent of technology solutions have made the communication & availability of data a key value addition to managing supply chains. The slew of application typically deployed across the supply chain involve DRP, MRP or ERP solutions. Recently organisations have found utility of connecting the "shop floor to the top floor" through the use of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Tracking & Tracing of inventory has increased due to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). One the probable ways to improve strategy, planning & execution of good inventory management across the organisation can be through integrating these two pieces of independent technology solutions. MES integrated with RFID has shown sustainable benefits of improved visibility to inventory.  Hence the focus of  best in class supply chain adopting MRP & RFID due to various competitive reasons has shifted from "Why" to  implement to "How" to implement the integration solution

Video on - What is Supply Chain Management?

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Supply Chain Flexibility

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Driving turn around through Improving Supply Chain

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Mass to Mass Customization to Micro Localisation!

The evolution of management practices to bridge the gap between the customer expectations and the delivery capability of the organisation leads to discovery of ingenious  processes. We remember 1903 when Henry Ford bridged the gap between time & cost expectation vis-a-vis customization. Then the world got introduced to what is commonly understood as "Mass Production System". The basis of mass production was the complete & consistent interchangeability of parts & simplicity of attaching them to each other. These innovations made assembly line possible. A new revolution due to wide spread use of technology - both for suppliers as well as consumers - led to expectations of customization. The supplier community retained the lever of mass while discovering new practices for customization. Dell led the management practices for Mass Customization which laid down the processes for meeting the customer demand. The evolution in management practices to meet the customer d