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The Smarter Supply Chain of Future

The global marketplace today has no equivalent in the history of organisation. Like economies and financial markets, supply chains have become global and interconnected. The "buffers" in the system have been reduced so much that  have increased exposure to shocks and disruptions. Time, Cost, Speed & Quality attributes further increase the vulnerability of the supply chain. How are supply chain executives coping? We may learn something about it in the IBM research report of 400 supply chain executives. Follow the link below;

Enabling Supply Chain Visibility

Organisation today face significantly increased complexity in their value chains. The challenges of rising customer service requirements, rising logistics costs and increased supply chain risk exposure are growing with every passing day. In this situation, lack of visibility and need for collaboration becomes increased in significance.  In that context the below is a good  research paper by Aberdeen.  Aberdeen recently benchmarked over 150 companies with respect to their supply chain application deployment strategies including on-premise, SaaS, Managed services etc. This benchmark report explores the critical role that Cloud based solutions play in enabling visibility and collaboration for the extended Demand-Supply Networks. Please use to the below link to download the paper.

Dell Supply Chain Transformation

A good video-cast to attend in March 2011.  Follow the link to register