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Current geopolitical scenario - Impact on Indian Supply Chain

A resurgent Indian Supply Chain post Covid-19 has been constrained due to Supply bottlenecks. Be it semiconductor shortage, increased reliance on few suppliers or moderately high input price inflation. The supply constrained Indian Supply Chain may have got itself further constrained with pressures due to the recent geopolitical events. History of such events is not a welcome news in the short to medium term. While I study the ever evolving scenario from an Indian Supply Chain worldview, I have at-least reached a few areas of my own understanding about the medium term impact of current geopolitical scenario, with outcomes of the events still not known. a. While the world focuses on supply constraints from Russia, Indian Supply Chains should also focus on supply originating from Ukraine. "Sunflower" , e.g., is where Ukraine holds 80% of world supply share. Sunflower oil is a large consumption item for Indians. Input price pressures shall dramatically increase for Indian Suppl