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A checklist for rebooting the MSME Supply Chain

Over the past few months, Covid-19 halted many a Supply Chains. At an, apparent, slow speed the MSME's are attempting to reboot & commence the business activities.  Supply Chains need to be put back on wheels. For MSMEs Supply Chain the question which needs immediate attention is - What would the enterprise need to ensure while rebooting its Supply Chain during these uncertain times. While operating the Supply Chain the objective is that it handles the period of uncertainty without being adversely impacted. The first and foremost checklist item is a continuous review of "Cash flows" . The demand side of Supply Chain being so uncertain, customers of MSME may have a delayed "Sales cycle", which naturally shall impact the MSME customers cash flow cycle. In turn, that can lead to delay in receiving Customer payments for the MSME. On the other hand, the Suppliers from whom the MSME may be procuring is likely to reduce the credit periods. This shall stretch "

Indigenous Supply Chain - Intelligence v/s Intuition

Supply Chains need data driven decision making. This has been the hypothesis basis which Supply Chain Intelligence has been the "core" area. Supply Chain Intelligence naturally can be enhanced through better Software application, Digitization initiatives & Organization process architecture which ensures improves MIS systems. Supply Chain data analytics is an evolving domain with a lot of Management focus. All the efforts are to improve Supply Chain "Intelligence". While there is nothing inappropriate in attempting to improve "Intelligence" the primary assumption is Supply Chain decisions can be an outcome of "Modeling" the data using "all the parameters" needed for decision making. Second, implied assumption also is that the Supply Chain Professional may lack the needed insight of the dynamic situation hence may not make the right decision. Situations like Covid-19 change this permanently. And till a new system of modeling is not ev