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Supply Chain Improvements - the "Leagile" way

Supply Chains have always relied on the Western World models and in certain instances - Japan. So the configuration of Supply Chains draw a lot from the practices in that way of working, including the approach to improvement initiatives of Supply Chain.  A close analysis of the yesteryear's Supply Chain Improvement models lead me to three conclusions - they are resource heavy, the wish to always be very structured and are unclear of their ROI. Lets take an example of an organisation which wishes to create a Supply Chain Improvement. In all probability it creates a Steering committee which in turn creates a sub-committee which in turn leads to Team players who in turn will ask people to generate ideas. This idea collation leads to idea screening & by the time one implements the idea the time consumed in the  life cycle of an idea, cost of Management time involved in decision making & more importantly assumption about the market environment (which is dynamic), the