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Phasing out Supply Chain, Phasing in "Demand Sensed Network Delivered"

Supply Chain is at a Strategic Inflection Point. It's not going to suffice to just make tactical changes to the existing way of perceiving but a fundamental and radical change in way of thinking is what I think is the need. Many a times in the life of an organisation or an individual, a deep fundamental understanding of what he or she does everyday has to be changed. This is not a change in "jargon" so that old jargon is replaced with new one without changing the underlying premises and beliefs. Supply Chain I would imagine is at that cross road where, to sustain in future, Supply Chain Leaders have to make an "non-elastic" change . Supply Chain as a term for me has an implied meaning of being a "Chain which focuses on Supply(ies)." The major issue here is if we go down the level of the belief system of a practitioner, "Chain" means inter-linkages with lesser degrees of freedom. Each link of the chain is tightly integrated with the